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Welcome to my free graphics pages!

Here you will find background sets in various themes.

I hope you will find a set you enjoy using.

All sets include a matching button to link back to 

Kelsey's Graphics Expressions.


To the best of my knowledge, none of the images I've

used to create my graphics are copyrighted images unless

otherwise noted. If I am in error, please notify me and

the graphic will be removed.


There are pages of bars, bullets, buttons and calling cards for

your use. Just add your own text in a suitable graphics



These pages are designed to be best viewed with

resolution set at 1024 x 768 with the browser set

at maximized. They are graphics intensive, so please

allow them to load fully.


You are welcome to use any webset for your own

non-commercial personal homepages, but they may

not be displayed in any other graphics collection

or sold.


Please provide a link back to Kelsey's Graphics Expressions

using the link button included with each set or use a text link 

if you prefer. Link back to:


Do not link directly to my graphics! Download what you

like and save it to your own hard drive. The sets will be moved

or the names changed on a regular basis, so direct linking

will cause your website some problems.


If by chance, you find any page where the images

don't correctly load for you, please let me know about it.

The pages are checked regularly, but I'd appreciate knowing

about any difficulty if that happens to you.


Since I'd like to know that you're enjoying one of my sets,

please email me including your URL so that I can see

how you've chosen to display it.


Sets will be added regularly, so please bookmark my site

and visit often! And don't forget to sign my

guestbook please.




We are now offering a selection of
Greeting and Special Occasion Cards.

Please be sure to view and select some for yourself!

Greeting Cards


Cat Fanciers!!

An antique postcard collection is available for your interest.

 All the postcards feature cats and kittens.


If you want to simply relax for a little while,
you can play some games here!

Play some games with Kelsey!


We have a section of signature tags of different types.
Requests are welcome! Visit this section here!


This site was last updated on May 31st, 2006. 

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Due to circumstances Sisters Forever has been closed.
The Charm Collectors Group is continuing as
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